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Play Ball's Merrimack Summer Baseball Camp

Introducing Play Ball's



Camp Philosophy

Play Ball’s philosophy is to provide the best professional instruction to its campers in a fun filled environment. Our goal is to improve the participant’s physical and mental approach to baseball.


General Camp Structure


Topic of the Day

Each day will begin with the “focus of the day”. This will be a basic fundamental (hitting, throwing, fielding) and a mental aspect (sportsmanship, effort, team work)


Skill Stations

Campers will be drilled in all the basic skill areas by our professional instructors. Throwing, hitting, fielding, base running and outfield play will be some of the skills we will focus on.


Game Situations

Campers will participate in real games and game situations to learn how to properly play the game on the field.


Positional skill training

Players will have the opportunity to work on their favorite position each day for the whole week. During that time, they will learn the basic fundamentals of that position.


Daily recap

Instructors will review the day’s activities to reinforce our topics of the day


Dates: August 3rd-7th

Time: 9am-1pm

Location: Bise Field, Merrimack

Cost: $125



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by posted 06/18/2015
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