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Home Run Derby- Saturday 6/25/2016 @ 11am

Graduating 12's Home Run Derby



Hello Parents! 

We thought it would be fun to give the 12 year olds and those who turned 13 during this past season one last shot at hitting a homerun on Bise Field before advancing into Babe Ruth in the Spring.

We will be holding a Homerun Derby for these kids with some prizes this Saturday morning 6/25 at 11am at Bise Field. No need to register ahead of time, just show up.This is right before the majors All Star game at 1pm. Please remember they must be moving into Babe Ruth to participate. 

Jim Mitchell will be assisting us in running this fun event for these Majors graduates. Come and show your stuff, it will be a round robin elimination with a 1st & 2nd place winner. Can't wait to see you all there. 

Any questions please let us know. Bring a bat and a smile! 

Jim Mitchell- jmitchell1@live.com 

Thank you!

Melanie Lesmerises

MYA Baseball President 603-674-2455 melanie.lesmerises@myabaseball.com

by posted 06/23/2016
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