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2017-18 Board Elections



Hello all,

Merrimack Youth Baseball is looking for a few volunteers to join our board. Elections are Monday October 30th at 7pm at Bise Field House. 487 Daniel Webster Highway

If you are interested in running please e-mail Melanie at   or Jessica at   to indicate your interest. Please also plan on attending the meeting if interested as well. 

Open positions for 2017--2018 are as follows- This is a two year position with the exception of Umpire Coordinator as a 1 year term. 


VP Minors

VP Majors

Player Rep

Player Rep

Umpire Coordinator

Equipment Manager



Let us know any questions you have and thank you for considering donating some of your time to this growing program. 

MYA Baseball Board

by posted 10/13/2017
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by posted 01/08/2016
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Merrimack Field Status
Amtech - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Bise - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Gibson 1 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Gibson 2 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Sandown - Sandown OPEN (10/22) 
Veterans Field 1 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Veterans Field 2 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Wasserman Rookie 1 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Wasserman Rookie 2 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Wasserman Rookie 3 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Wasserman T-Ball 1 - Merrimack TBD (10/22) 
Wasserman T-Ball 2 - Merrimack TBD (10/22)